About Olee

Olee Fashion is an online destination for sarees from across the sub-continent for every occasion.

Olee, in Bengali, means the bumblebee – the cheerful social entity who knows how to buzz around with much pomp and gaiety and finds the right blossoms to draw honey from.

Olee, our fashion brand, was created with the same raison’d’etre, to seek out the best selections of sarees and other garments, ornaments, and accessories, from Bengal and the rest of the world, to meet the fancies of happy entities who always spread joy amongst people they socialize with.

Olee sarees are a mélange of tradition and trend – each handpicked by experts to ensure that the highest standards of material quality, process purity, design aesthetics, signature weaves and customer value are met.

Olee Fashion, your destination for exclusive sarees for every occasion. Olee Fashion, is an exclusive online store for traditional sarees from across India, carrying culture, history, and tradition. Each of our sarees is exclusively crafted by artisans and defines the rich cultural heritage of the sub-continent, which has been passed down through generations. From Ikkat Sarees in the south to Ajrak Printed from Rajasthan and from Assam Silk & Kantha Sarees in the east to Bangalore Silk in the west we have a collection for exclusive sarees that will drape you with the essence of the region.

Our sarees offer a wonderful diversity of choices in the use of fabrics, textures, colours and patterns. They range from being light and comfortable, thus suitable as everyday attire, to being made of richer fabrics with elaborate patterns for wearing during festivals and weddings.

Founder's Note

I am Swarnali, a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a good friend to many, a daughter-in-law and there are many more roles that I have been playing all my life.

Somewhere there was an aesthetic embodiment within me which was jostling me to venture out; what better than my love for sarees which was set to motion with the name of ‘Olee Fashion’.

Here I take the opportunity to present the versatility of Indian craftsmen and artisans, their portrayal of artistry on different varieties of Silks, Tussar, Handloom and Benarasi Sarees. We would glad for an opportunity to drape you in our chosen and handpicked six yards. I promise to amaze you as we unveil our collection that unifies India in her diversity.

I hope you’ll appreciate our endeavour and encourage ‘Olee Fashion’ to achieve its path of success though….”Success is not final, it is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts”

– Swarnali Bose, Founder, Olee Fashion

Swarnali Bose - About Olee

Our Objective – Aesthetics, Tradition & Quality

Olee Fashion is an exclusive online platform offering a range of finest India Sarees. Our objective is to be a flag bearer for the traditional India sarees that showcase more than a millennia old art of fine weaving and uphold it with the modern taste and sensibilities. For us the aesthetics, traditions and quality are paramount.

Our Customers are Our Family

Online Shopping is an activity in which everyone one like to involve themselves to find themselves the best in the market. The customers are like the family members and we want the best for them.  We believe in customer centric approach and always will be aiming to provide best possible services to our customers with more convenience.

Innovation – A Part of Our Culture

Constant innovation is a part of our culture at Olee Fashion. We believe in updating and upgrading our offerings to match the taste and sensibility of the modern buyer like you. This website is made with state-of-the-art technology enabled to provide you with easy shopping features to browse, cart and purchase. We welcome you to provide us the suggestions on how we could improve to not just meet your expectations but to delight you.